Schedule C Checklist

This list may not cover all the income and expenses for your particular business. If you are not sure of the deductibility of an expense, provide the documentation anyway and we will make the determination.

Income received from sales/services
Accounting/Bookkeeping Licenses & Permits
Advertising Meals & Entertainment
Auto & Truck Expense Miscellaneous
Total miles driven Jan thru Dec Office Expenses
Business miles driven Jan thru Dec Outside Services
Total lease payments in 2014 (if leased) Parking & Tolls
Car Washes Postage & Delivery
Gasoline Printing
Insurance Rents
Interest on loan Repairs & Maintenance
Registration Fee Salaries & Wages: Employees
Repairs & Maintenance Salaries & Wages: Officers
Bank Charges Security
Commissions Paid Supplies
Continuing Education Taxes
Delivery & Freight Payroll
Depreciation Property
Dues & Subscriptions State
Employee Benefit Programs Other
Equipment/Tools <$500 Telephone & Cell Phone
Insurance Travel
Liability Airfare
Self-Employed Health Hotel/Lodging
Workers Compensation Transportation
Other Insurance Uniforms
Internet Utilities
Laundry & Cleaning Website Expenses
Legal & Professional

All payments totaling $600 or more to any vendor must be provided and a 1099 will be issued if necessary. A W-9 should be received from each vendor, indicating name, address, and Tax ID number.